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nora parry


Nora Parry grew up as the youngest of seven children in an adventurous and dynamic family that cultivated her eagerness to explore and foster meaningful relationships along the way. With a desire to combine her love of travel and interest in social work, Nora volunteered at a non-profit organization in Nepal where she provided aid to young survivors of sexual assault. She was immediately enamored with the beautiful country and its warm people, especially the young girls who lived in the counseling center where she worked. Inspired by the experience, Nora created Didi & Dhai to introduce a pendant that helps us give to the Nepalese organization that houses children in desperate need of love and care.


our name


In Nepali, didi translates to older sister and dhai to older brother.  These terms are not exclusive to family members, but used widely as a friendly term to refer to anyone older or in the same generation.  While in Nepal, Nora loved the sense of community brought on by this simple concept and wanted her company to reflect this idea of togetherness.  


pokhara pendant

A treasured symbol in Nepalese culture, the vajra is a sacred object in both Buddhism and Hinduism. It is thought to be made of an indestructible substance and can represent method as well as great bliss. When worn as a pendant, it is thought to protect the wearer.


our purpose


Antardristi Nepal is a non-profit organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal that aims to empower children who have been victims of sexual assault.  The organization has two residential centers in Pokhara and Hetauda where they provide safe homes and counseling for young victims.  Antardristi is comprised of inspiring, compassionate people who truly want to educate the public and make a difference in the community.  Didi & Dhai's mission is to aid their fundraising efforts by donating a portion of the pendant's profit directly to the trusted organization.

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